What is Pop Up Play?

You've heard of pop up restaurants and pop up shops, right? The ones that turn up for a day or a week and then disappear as quickly as they appeared.

Pop Up Play is like a mini flash mob event with the specific intention of getting some child-like play and fun back into the daily working lives of adults to minimise stress, anxiety and depression.

Pop Up Play is dedicated to making it OK for adults to play in child-like ways to inoculate against stress, anxiety and depression. We are also dedicated to making it OK for everyone to talk openly and comfortably about depression.

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Hula Hoopaloozas are one-three hour events, held in conjunction with schools or organisations, that are designed to:

  1. encourage adults to step back into child-like play for themselves, rather than for their children
  2. raise awareness of the impact of stress, anxiety and mood disorders on employees, parents and families
  3. educate participants in the signs of mood disorders and how to access early intervention
  4. raise money for the Black Dog Institute www.blackdoginstitute.org.au

Think about some of your favourite childhood games...

There is nothing like spinning for a child ...some adults less so. Pin The Tail on the Donkey adds the challenge of being blindfolded to being spun around three times before reaching out, donkey tail in one hand, to give your best shot at accurately pinning your tail on the donkey. When you least expect it a game of Pin The Tail on the Donkey for Adults could appear on a Melbourne CBD street near you! Don't be shy! Give it a try!

The funniest part about me (Jacqui here!) using a hula hoop is the strict correlation between how fast and hard I can initially fling the hula hoop and how many times it would go around my middle... the ability to wiggle my body to maintain the hoop's momentum was, and remains, completely absent in me... it doesn't stop me loving it though!

Being number seven of nine children meant that when the Twister came out there were always plenty of takers. Hilariously funny when the nearest yellow dot for my left hand was at least twice the distance away than my arm could reach!

Depending on whether "knuckles" meant the same as "jacks" or something altogether different do you remember playing as the fad passed through your family or school?

My experiences finger painting as a child were mostly kindergarten based. I loved the texture and the colours, the paint oozing through my fingers... and the mess... the glorious mess. It seemed like it was one of the few times it was OK to really make a great big mess!

Snakes and Ladders was a bit of a thriller... always on the edge of my seat hoping against hope that I would not roll a number on the dice that would land me on a snake's head! And the surge of bliss-fuelled adrenalin that I would feel when I landed on a ladder!

Check out Pop Up Play In Action Here

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