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It’s time to add a new string to my bow… after 15 years as an Executive and Corporate Coach I am adding a new, and for me very exciting offering.

It’s all about making it OK for adults to play in child-like ways so that play and creativity can act as antidotes to stress, pressure and depression.

The second string to my new bow is all about making it more than OK for people to be able to talk openly, comfortably and with acceptance and dignity about depression and manic-depression (which the medical profession now refer to as “bi-polar affective disorder” – there are two types. Type 1 sees people experience dramatic shifts between their highs and their lows, often to the point that hospitalisation or other interventions are required. Type 2 sees people experience the highs and the lows. The highs are full of energy and focus and drive and passion and invincibility, however as surely as day follows night, follows day, the depression will arrive and can be seriously awful and debilitating.)

The first reason why I am so excited and passionate about being the noisiest and funnest (yes, funnest) advocate for child-like play and creativity is because they are so useful in managing and warding of the lows of depression induced by brain chemistry gone hay-wire.

The second reason this is so important to me is because I have been too quiet for too long about my 20 plus years of depression which has recently included a Type II Bi-Polar Affect Disorder diagnosis. This focus gives my professional life a whole new level of purpose – and I am going to have a bucket load of fun with it.

So, check out the new websites Play Create Elevate and My Mind Mission. They’ll tell you all about what I am doing.

Because your Mind Health Matters…

Jacqui Chaplin | | +61 (0) 412 741 531

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