I’m not busy. I’m crazy busy!

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It appears that working life has gone beyond ‘busy’ and into ‘crazy’. When people are asked “How are you?” the answer seems to be somewhere on the crazy spectrum… wildly, ridiculously, outrageously busy kind of crazy. For decades it seems employees are being asked to do more with less. Hence, the shift from plain old busy to crazy busy. A number of factors contribute to this state of mind.

The first is the rapid change in increasing expectations of what and how employees will deliver on the job. With enslavement to shareholder returns, cost cutting, increasing productivity and an often cyclical redundancy plan people are experiencing mild to tragic levels of gut wrenching anxiety about whether they are good enough, whether they’ll be next or whether the company will exist in twelve months.

The second is the perception that each person is fully utilising every single minute that they are in the workplace. How could you answer anything other than ‘really busy’ when you’re responding to your boss’ question on how things are? The challenge with perception is to be busy enough to be a productive contributor but not to be seen as so busy that you are out of control.

The third factor is the work bleed into personal time. When your kids are having bets with you or each other that you won’t be home for dinner for the third night in a row this week, you have a bleed over busy challenge. People can get so caught up in the value they contribute to the workplace they forget about the value they contribute to their home life until that value is completely diminished. They come home one night and there is nothing or nobody there. The months of conversations leading up to that night were never heard, heeded or taken seriously.

Rapid change, shifting expectations, the importance of perception and the balance of reality in the personal domain are all play significant roles in our mind health and overall quality of life.
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What is the key to maintaining the kind of mind health
that has you enjoy all aspects of your life?

Resilience! There are ten keys to building and sustaining resilience to ensure you can maintain positive mind health even when life is throwing you some tricky curve balls.

My favourite resilience strategy is COMPATITUDE… which comes from combining compassion with gratitude as a mindset practice and choice. It’s best applied when someone or something happens around you that makes you go “What the!?!?!?” You can then imagine what ‘less than pleasant’ things might have happened to that person that had them think that what they did or said was appropriate… then you can be grateful that those things you imagined have not happened to you and you don’t have to respond inappropriately because you can choose to apply compassion and gratitude = compatitude.

May your days be resilient ones!

Because your Mind Health Matters…

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