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Recently I was driving to Castlemaine to present my radio program when my car decided to blow a hose as I was leaving the Calder Freeway. I managed to limp along 400 metres of the Pyrenees Highway before all systems shut down. I got the car, whose power steering system had shut down along with the engine, 30 centimetres off the main carriageway.

Once upon a time this might have caused me hassle, distress, and drama of epic proportions. For me, it was a timely reminder and a great example of the power of the resilience strategies I talk about on the 'But I Feel Good' radio show and teach in corporate settings. The key strategy here is: the value and importance of having solid and broad ‘Networks of Support’.

Once out of the car, phone in hand, I knew I had to make my way to Castlemaine. I also knew I could not walk the distance in the time I had available.

What I did have available were a half a dozen plus people in and around Castlemaine who I could call on. And more importantly that I also knew it was OK to ask for their help. One was on their way to Melbourne. Another didn't have a licence. The next was already in Melbourne and the fourth’s phone sounded the international dial tone so I hung up. I am pretty sure they weren’t going to get me to the station on time from Venice! The fifth person, bless her environmentally sustainable cotton socks, said yes.

No sooner had I ended the call than a car with an older couple pulled up behind my car and asked if I needed help. Upon checking that their destination was Castlemaine, I requested a lift to the Castlemaine Gaol, where the radio station is located. They were more than happy to oblige. I cancelled my environmentally sustainable cotton socks’ lift with many thanks and made it to the station on time.

There’s a whole other story about the kindness of strangers based on the same experience that will have to wait till next month!

My invitation to you is threefold…

Take a good look at your own network of support… Is it broad and deep and diverse enough to be able to support you in everything from a car breakdown through to a mind health or emotional breakdown?

Take a listen to the “Networks of Support” Live On Demand Episode on this ‘But I Feel Good' Listen On Demand page.

Reflect on your willingness to ask for help. There’s a great saying by Julio Olalla that says, “Show me a person show is suffering and I’ll show you a person who is not making enough requests.” Are you willing to ask for help when you need it? What gets in the way?

Play Create Elevate also offers your organisation the opportunity to hear first-hand, from a lived experience perspective about the signs and symptoms of mood disorders, how to give and get help and how to build and sustain resilience. PwC have recently released a report that says for every dollar spent in creating mentally healthy workplaces that an ROI of at least $2.13 is possible… what are you waiting for? It’s time to speak openly and comfortably about mind health matters!

Because your Mind Health Matters…

Jacqui Chaplin | | +61 (0) 412 741 531

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