Has your identity suffered a coronary infarction?

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In the last week my computer had a coronary. One morning as I went to log on I could see that the nightly restart of my computer had failed and it was struggling to maintain consciousness. It was a short lived triage that determined that the heart attack was severe and my computer was in critical condition. After several attempts to intervene and return my computer to its standard levels of consciousness it suffered another infarction and its heart stopped beating. The defibrillator paddles were brought out in the hope of reviving the pc and the final outcome was a comatose computer barely managing to breathe by itself as an operating system restore was attempted. The restore failed and a surgical team were brought in to complete hard disk drive deletion surgery. After 24 hours on the table the offending clogged partitions were excised and a fresh team were brought in to attempt a second restore.

While all this was happening I attempted to deal with the “health insurance” bureaucracy. Their records were incorrect and having found the relevant personal documentation and delivered it I was advised a 3-5 day wait would be required before they could authorise any treatment! Thank goodness I had access to a local former medic who could intervene and support my computer’s return to consciousness. With some further massaging its full range of sensory faculties returned.

As I tread gently around it’s various system functions I noticed a broken finger nail here and a bruised rib there. I forgot all the ways I personalise my interactions with my PC and the secret and familiar language we speak and share together… and how much is involved re-teaching and familiarising each other with our former way of relating. Much work remains to be done.

In telling this story to a friend they likened my PC’s coronary occlusion to how we can be negatively perceived by others. When we don’t behave in the way our boss or colleagues have come to expect it can have a significant impact on our identity and what is possible for us. Yet how often do we stop to consciously consider how other’s see us and what is it that they expect from us?

So, here’re my questions for you.

  • Has your identity had a coronary infarction without you even realising it?
  • How do others perceive you right now?
  • What would you like others to be saying about you when you ‘leave the room’?
  • What three words would you like to be known for?
  • What possibilities exist for bringing your identity back to life?

A long time ago, in considering my identity from a personal perspective, I started by focusing on the three words I wanted to be able to describe myself as… what I came up with were:

…enough to meet the challenges of life’s roller coaster ride

…enough to bounce back from those times I got thrown clear of the roller coaster and

…enough to see that the ups and downs and sharp, exciting curves are the stuff of life and to appreciate and enjoy the exhilarating as well as the neck jarringly bumpy parts of the ride equally.

Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”
- Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Because your Mind Health Matters…

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