I’m just going to get wet…

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The weather this morning was hot and sunny.

Mid-afternoon we have been hit by an intense and localised storm cell. There’s lots of thunder and lightning, hail and heavy rain and winds that are whipping trees and rain into a frenzy. The power went out with the first strike of lightening and boom of thunder. It came back on until the second hit put it out for the duration.

Tree branches have fallen over the road, gutters are flooded and fire trucks, sirens blazing are passing in both directions. The eye of the storm passes with the cessation of thunder, lightning and rain. It all starts again all too soon.

I was watching fire-fighters in their trucks passing my office window. When they arrive at the scene to which they are called there would be no hesitation about jumping into action irrespective of the torrential rain. Before long there’s a good chance that they’d be soaked to the skin. It’s no big deal to them I imagine. That’s just what they do. Come blazing heat fuelled by an insatiable fire or hail and sheeting rain they are there getting stinking hot, getting dripping wet.

It got me thinking about how their attitude towards the challenges they face can be a lesson for us in life. I am calling this the “I'm just going to get wet” philosophy. Gaining the same kind of clarity of purpose that fire-fighters have in daily life could mean a significant difference in the way our life gets lived. If our purpose is clear then everyday can be started with decisions that move us towards our purpose. Given that purpose is a research identified resilience strategy then this “I'm just going to get wet” approach to life is going to be doubly effective. Having purpose will build resilience and borrowing the fire-fighters approach of taking immediate action to achieve purpose seems conducive to living an effective life.

Now, to go and get wet!

Because your Mind Health Matters…

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