Disclosure: Casting Out The Shadows | An Excerpt

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In case you haven’t heard the news, I have finished writing my memoir, called Disclosure and it’s currently in the hands of my editor.

Extroverted, gregarious and outgoing, I was first diagnosed with depression in my late twenties. Two decades later, during a third major depressive episode, a different diagnosis was laid bare. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder Type II.

My books, Disclosure: Casting Out The Shadows and Black Dogs, Roller Coasters & Pink Elephants: Strategies for Mind Health Resilience are written to build understanding of the lived experience of mental illness. They serve to help others out of the black hole of despair that can accompany mental illness and realise there is hope. #thereishope

Disclosure reveals my rollercoaster rides and black dog moments. I strongly believes that the more people who are willing and able to talk openly and comfortably about their lived experience with a mental illness, the faster the stigma associated with mental illness will be dissolved. Black Dogs, Roller Coasters & Pink Elephants introduces some of the practicalities of mind health matters and the ‘pink elephant’ research-based resilience strategies that I use on a daily basis and offer so you can use them to maintain better mind health.

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Want a sneak peek? You can read an excerpt from Disclosure here.

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Because your Mind Health Matters…

Jacqui Chaplin | jacqui@jacquichaplin.com

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