Cleaning Windows

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When I get out of bed in the morning and pull up the blind in the bedroom and look out the window, it’s interesting to notice on which days I appreciate the broad expanse of sky and which days all I see is how dirty the window panes are.

How we see the world and what we make of the parts we see is a fundamental part of our mind health. Sometimes it’s all too hard to look directly at what exists in our world. What we've created, what we ignore, what has become dirty and grungy and can spoil the beauty of the morning sky (among other things).

It’s time for cleaning windows.

This is an invitation to you to see which literal and metaphorical windows in your life could use some cleaning.

What might you see differently if you cleaned up the way you thought about the situations in your life that aren't working for you? What might be possible for you today that did not seem possible for you yesterday? Is it a project at work that seems to have stalled? Is it calling that friend that you have not spoken to in months? Is it letting go of the people in your world whose values and expectations no longer serve you well?

What will it take for you to do what is best for your mind health, your ability to get up every morning and see the broad expansive magnificence of life that is yours for the taking?

I’d love to hear how your window cleaning goes at

Because your Mind Health Matters…

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