Chivvied For Speed

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When was the last time you were chivvied for speed?

What does it mean to be chivvied for speed?

To be chivvied is to be urged, pestered, harassed, badgered, hassled, pressured or pushed.

In today’s ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ world of social media and memes, advertising bombardments and snappy sound bites are we distracting ourselves into a technological corner of terror and angst? Our hands hold the device we once thought of as a brilliant little time-saver as we crane our necks and pinch the screen to enlarge the image, the text, that next message or wacky piece of hilarity so we can see it more easily. Those of the smaller thumbs type with two digit delight while the rest of us tap away, one stodgy finger at a time. And time is the operative word. That supposedly time saving device can sap our motivation, redirect our attention and whittle away our minutes and hours, metaphorically and sometimes literally, doing nothing at all. And then we wonder why we are chivvied for speed…

Apply brakes here.

When the smoke settles from your Dukes of Hazzard application of your power assisted stopping device. Take a moment to consider how you feel when chivvied. If you are anything like me the words of an old flame come to mind, “ease to five”. In naval speak that means to slow right down and just crawl along in a cruisy kind of way. Chivvying can lead to increased anxiety, dys-stress and sometimes a complete dummy spitting shut down.

This is when mindfulness matters.

Attending to the present moment. Tuning into what matters to you in the here and now. Sometimes it might be stopping to take three deep breaths or counting to ten. Developing your own personal ways to slow things down before you feel forced into a screaming burn out. It might be taking regular breaks. Or it could involve taking a short work when the tension starts to build in your shoulders. You might choose to monitor your thoughts and see whether they are more positive or more negative. If they’re leaning in a direction you don’t like what can you do to have things be different?

Mindfulness is a key to resilient living. Simple strategies to start with can take you a long way. Remember that resilience is like a muscle. You have to attend to it, use it, and strengthen it to get the benefits you might seek. It makes me think about the Buddhist monks in high Nepalese mountain passes dedicating their lives to mindfulness. Imagine what their resilience levels might be like… How are yours? Mindfulness is just one of the many researched based strategies for strengthening your resilience muscle! It’s amazing what a little attention every day can make.

Why? Because your mind health matters...

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