A Memoir Update | Disclosure: (now) Casting Out The Shadows

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As at the end of July 2015 I am in discussion with two publishing houses about the international publication and distribution of my memoir, Disclosure: casting out the shadows.

When I originally set out writing I focussed on combining the personal story with some practical ways of navigating the mental health care system and loads of info on how you can build and sustain your resilience whether you have a diagnosed mental illness or not.

First up I had all the practical stuff and then my personal story. Feedback suggested I reverse the order. So I did. Then a number of trusted advisers read the book and suggested that an interwoven blend of the practical pieces and my story might be well received. So I had a look at that too!

Then I was introduced to a wonderful woman, Jayne Newling, who also happens to be a journo of 25 years repute and a published author. She paid me the honour of reading the manuscript and making some well received changes, amendments and rearrangements. The result is there are now two books.

The personal story is captured in Disclosure. It entices you on a journey through growing up as seventh of nine children, from the delights of childhood explorations through harrowing misadventures in the parish church. It gives glimpses into the final landing spot of my mind health diagnosis and the strategies employed to make the most of the life I live.

The companion guide Black Dogs, Rollercoasters and Pink Elephants exposes the challenges of navigating my way to an accurate diagnosis and dealing with the mental health system. Most importantly this book focuses on the pink elephant positive resilience strategies: what they are, how to apply them in ways that are individually meaningful and why they matter.

Why have I written these books? Because it’s time to move beyond awareness of mood disorders and mental illness into greater understanding, deeper compassion and genuine acceptance of people living with mood disorders and mental illness.

Because your Mind Health Matters…

Jacqui Chaplin | jacqui@jacquichaplin.com | +61 (0) 412 741 531

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