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A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”
-Roald Dahl

Although some might say the silly season is over, I am not one of them. This blog is an ode to the wonderful work of Roald Dahl and pays homage to the quote.

So I must be remarkably wise being a cherisher of a little nonsense. For those who have been following my journey over the past two years you will know that l like a little nonsense – more often than now and then.

Recently I was introduced to the game called “5 Second Rule”. This game involves you being given three things to name in five seconds. It sounds simple and it is. Though for many it is far from easy. You might be asked to name three people you’d like to date. Or name three rivers in England. Or to name three fish. Which three people you’d like to date created some intrigue when the second person named was not familiar to anyone in the room. Three rivers in England because once the Thames had been named there was an enormous brain blank moment while the timer ran down. And the three fish request left the entire group with tears of laughter running done our faces as the answers “red fish”, “thin fish” and “blow fish” were offered. The third fish response landing well after the time had elapsed. Not only did the game add some nonsense to my world it also created some wonderfully memorable experiences. Those memories have now become part of a series of shared experiences that can instantaneously recreate the laughter and joy of the moment in which they were created.

The other game I played was “One Word at a Time”. This is played by each person contributing one word at a time to a story. Its hilarity came from unusual plot twists and turns, quirky character additions, interesting character names and traits and the inevitable desire to want to add more than one word at a time. Thanks to “One Word at a Time” I’ll never be able to hear the word ‘porpoise’ or its plural and remain straight faced!

I invite you to pull one of your favourite games out of the closet before much more of the year passes. If you don’t have a game in your closet, find one, buy one, borrow one, or make one up – whatever it takes. Add a little nonsense to your life. Smile like a toddler. Giggle like an eight year old that just heard a fart joke. Have a full bellied laugh at the vagaries of life. It’s the memorable experiences that we collect, more so than physical possessions that add immense value to our life experiences and enhance our well-being and our mental health.

Because your Mind Health Matters…

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